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What is the cost to enter the 2019 Cleanie Awards?

There are different fees for different categories.

Non-profit of the year, Startups of the Year, Entrepreneur of the Year, Rising Star Under 40

  • $99 – Early Bird (April 22 - May 17, 2019)
  • $150 – General Submission Period (May 18 – June 21, 2019)
  • $99 – Additional Entries

Lifetime Achievement Award

  • It is free to nominate someone for this category.

All Additional Categories

  • $199 – Early Bird (April 22 - May 17, 2019)
  • $250 – General Submission Period (May 18 – June 21, 2019)
  • $99 – Additional Entries

What are the deadlines for submissions?

Early Bird –  April 22 - May 17, 2019

General Submission Process – May 17 - June 21, 2019

All deadlines are 11:59 p.m. EDT.

Are there eligibility guidelines?

The eligibility period for 2019 entries extends from January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018. All entries should describe achievements during this time period. Individual categories may have specific eligibility requirements.

The competition is open to all individuals, companies and organizations involved in producing any marketing and communication materials for external or internal audiences. 

Are you accepting submissions globally?

At this time, we are solely focused on accomplishments for companies with a U.S. presence and U.S. mailing address.

Check back, as we look to expand and help recognize the cleantech community across the globe.

What information will I need to enter? 

  • Contact information – If you are an agency, please also provide contact information for the client you are submitting on behalf of
  • Official project name, location and brief description
  • Supporting documentation such as press release, plans, media clips, photos and images. videos, social content, copies of reports and anything else you deem necessary for us to judge the category you are submitting for
  • A hi-res logo and/or headshot, depending on the category, for promotion purposes

Is there a limit to how many entries I can submit for? 

You may submit your work for as many categories as you would like.

Can I start my entry and then return to it later?

Absolutely!  After registration, you can go back into “My Account” at any time and add entries, pay and upload files. You can stop at any point and all changes will be saved automatically.

Can vendors and/or agencies submit on behalf of clients?

Yes! Once a brand representative has signed up and created an account, they can create submissions on behalf of clients. Each submission requires both an agency point of contact as well as a client contact.  

Can I change my entry once is has been submitted?

If you need to make a vital change to a submitted entry, please email info@thecleanieawards.com

What is accepted as a statement of revenue for relevant categories?

Several categories, including Entrepreneur of the Year and Startup of the Year, require a statement of revenue.

We will accept a letter stating your company’s sales in 2017 signed by both your president/CEO and your accountant OR a signed investor letter. DO NOT submit a tax return – contact us with questions.

Is the data that I provide held confidential?

All materials submitted are kept confidential. However, please DO NOT submit any information that is considered sensitive.

We started the company or organization in 2018 – can I still submit?

Yes! You should still apply. Be sure to address this issue in your application and describe your business plan for the coming year by outlining your strategies for growth. 

How will I know if I am a finalist?

You will receive an email if your submission is chosen as a winner no later than September 30, 2019. This email will be sent to the contact email address or addresses used on the entry form. 

How can I sponsor or partner with The Cleanie Awards?

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or partnering with The Cleanie Awards, please contact Elyssa at info@thecleanieawards.com.