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The Cleanie Awards were created in 2018 to honor and generate public recognition and visibility for innovations and breakthrough achievements from enterprise to startup businesses in the cleantech industry. Our judges include respected industry executives, marketers, advocates, entrepreneurs, and educators. It is important to us to have specialists in the industry evaluating submissions to add further validation to the program. In order to keep visibility and consistency surrounding the judging process, we have selected a special group of judges for the inaugural year. 


Judges are looking for detailed information describing the following aspects of your campaign. Each submission is scored for a total of 30 possible points. The focus of the scoring will be focused on a comprehensive response to the three questions for each award. Additionally, please ensure that you follow the guidelines laid out in the category descriptions, the judges will be looking for those elements in your submission.

See below as general guidelines for formulating eye-catching submissions:


  • What did you set out to achieve with your campaign? We want to hear about your vision.
  • Please identify your target audiences/publics as this helps give judges a better idea of what you are working with.


  • What sort of strategies or tactics did you implement, and why?
  • Did research and analysis influence the strategies chose, and if so how?


  • How did you overcome any barriers?
  • What tactics were used?
  • Please be thorough in explaining your execution.


  • Did you meet your initial goals?
  • How did your efforts tie into underlying organizational objectives?
  • How was evaluation/measurement factored in the various stages?
  • Please include the metrics used, as well as any measurement tools.
  • Were there any lessons learned?


  • What did you do differently to set yourself apart?
  • Did you try something new, or take any risks?

Supporting Documents

You will be able to upload additional documents to your submission. We encourage including anything else you feel will give us a better sense of your submission. Proprietary or internal information can also be attached and will not be shared with the public, but please mark it as proprietary.




There are two phases to our judging process - preliminary and final.  

During preliminary judging, each entry is reviewed and rated by our selected panel of judges. All entries are viewed and rated at the judges' convenience using our software management system. Ranking and scoring is completed for each part of the entry.  

Entrants are eligible for the following:

  • Grand Prize Winner

The veracity of claims made in entries may be audited. Any entry found to contain false or misleading information will be disqualified. All winning entries are published on our web sites after honorees have the opportunity to redact any confidential or other non-public information from them.